PlayDog Pull – The most durable dog toy

Does it regularly happen that you buy a dog toy and you think, your dog will play with it for a while, and then after 5 minutes of play, the toy falls apart, tears or is destroyed?

Yes, our staffords have a very strong bite and predatory instinct, so many toys cannot withstand such pressure. Despite the fact that there are a huge number of pullers and dog toys on the dog equipment market that are supposed to satisfy this need for traction and fighting game, unfortunately none of them are durable enough to survive one game, let alone long-term durability.

That is why we present you a brand new product on the market that is not only durable and natural, but also attractive in shape.


The elastic rubber toy that dogs cannot resist is made of 100% natural rubber, which is extremely durable and tooth-friendly.

PlayDog Pull is designed for fighting game and traction. Playing with a dog is one of the most important pieces in the mosaic of educating and schooling dogs. It is the easiest and most productive way to release the complex of hunting instincts, and it is also indispensable in building a relationship between a guide(human) and a dog.

PlayDog is intended for active play with a dog, which releases the instinct and excess energy.

Here an interesting question arises: “When can a dog have a toy or toys at all, whose toy is it and what is its main task?” The toy is ours, not the dog’s property. At the time of the game, we just share it and put it away at the end of the game. Its main role is to be a means of interaction between the handler and the dog. The dog must be presented with the game in such a way that the dog enjoys the activity and interaction with the guide, and not just because of the toy as an object.

And the PlayDog Pull is a great example of a toy that allows this joint interaction between a dog and a human. However, to achieve additional energy release, the PlayDog Pull can be hung on a strong branch and let the dog pull on its own. In any case, after the PlayDog game is over, we put it away and thus make the toy desirable for a long time to come.

The best thing about this dog toy, however, is that it has a quality guarantee. Which means that if your toy is destroyed or torn while towing, you will receive a new one. Of course, the guarantee does not apply if you leave the toy for the dog to bite on its own for some time, because against the strong teeth of our Staffords and many other breeds, even a good tire has no chance.

We also tested the Playdog Pull in our kennel, with all our staffords. For now, after more than 1 month of daily play, it remains intact, like new.

The most durable PlayDog Pull dog toy can be purchased in our ON-LINE STORE.

Buying is easy. By clicking add to cart, fill in all your information, and you will soon receive the Playdog at your home via the delivery service. For order in Slovenia, you can decide for the payment to our account or on delivery.

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