We are breeders of American Staffordshire Terrier from Slovenia. Our kennel is registered in the FCI register, and is managed under number 04/2017. We have been breeding since 2017, but we got to know this breed many years before.
We are in breeding with all our heart, time and energy. We are not only breeders, we are also coaches, dog lovers, and cynologists. Each of our dogs is something special, each has different potentials that we make the most of. Our dogs are our life and they are part of our family.


Our mission is to ensure healthy and stable puppies, but they must not lack the temperament that every Stafford must have. This character can then be put to great use in schooling and working with the dog. We strive for a breed standard, which means that mating combinations are carefully selected, exclusively with proven healthy and stable males. Our goals are to achieve good results at international dog shows as well as participation in sport disciplines (search and rescue, IPO, obediance,...).

American Staffordshire Terrier Breed

Amastaff is a very attentive, friendly, intelligent breed. By nature, he is an excellent guardian and protective of the family. He is a very happy and confident dog who, with proper socialization and upbringing, is very gentle and loving to people, children and other animals. He is kind, fun, very loyal and willing to please the owner.

He is very attached to his family, so he is a great family companion. He is also a brave, reliable and smart guard dog, full of life. It needs a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation, and is more suitable for owners who have experience with amstaff education and schooling. He can stay in the apartment without any problems, with suitable outdoor activities


What does it mean to be a breeder? We take this title very seriously. Our beginnings go very far back in time. We had been planning for several years before registering the kennel with the FCI. And these rules are still the foundation of our breeding today. Breeding does not start and end only with a litter or puppies. Breeding is part of our daily lives. From caring for our dogs, walking, training, socializing, to shows and breeding. Putting dogs first before all other needs is something normal for us. We have almost no days off, but when we take a vacation, we are always accompanied by some of our dogs. They are the first concern when we wake up in the morning, and the last before we go to sleep. As our Kennel grows from year to year, it also means more work and less free time, more financial investments, even more trainings and exhibitions.

We often hear from friends or acquaintances: '' But you can earn a lot ''. And if you look at the matter so generally, then it’s really true that breeding is profitable. But this is true of "backyard breeding." What is that, you are wondering? These are so-called self-proclaimed breeders who own a female, possibly a male, and make a litter once a year. This is where their breeding work begins and ends. With us, however, the story is far from that. The financial input we direct into our dogs and everything related to them is much greater than the revenue. If we didn’t have regular jobs, this certainly wouldn’t have been possible. Constant investments in their environment and space to have the best conditions are annual. Travel and exhibitions, registrations, handling, it all costs a lot. Medical test bills, veterinary costs are enormous. Insertions in litters and moms are growing every year, as we want to offer puppies even more every year. Not to mention quality nutrition. But that’s the price we’re willing to pay to offer our dogs, both adults and puppies, the best. In the end, it’s all worth it.

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However, because we want to offer our dogs and dogs from our breeding the best possible quality of life, we set up our own online store with dog equipment in 2020. Our goal is to offer equipment that would satisfy even strong dogs and demanding owners. First, we put extremely durable PlayDog toys on the online shelves, which are made of strong eco rubber. We also tested these toys on our dogs and were surprised by the results. That's why we now only swear by PlayDog toys. In addition to the other equipment available in the store, a year later we developed our Double Trouble collection of dog collars and leashes, which we are extremely proud of. We put the emphasis on safety and durability, as well as on the appearance itself. And in this area, we are constantly developing new and even better products on the market. Our goal is not only to please Slovenian owners, but we have also expanded our market of Double Trouble products abroad.

We always prepare recommendations for new owners in terms of equipment. Thus, they have the opportunity to choose the best and most suitable products from our offer, which we also guarantee. In this way, they can get everything for the arrival of a new member at home in one place, from toys, collars, leashes, bowls,...


We actively cooperate with the Cinological Association of Slovenia and the Slovenian Terrier Club.
The health of our dogs is taken care of by the veterinary clinic A + Vet, headed by veterinarian Ana Zaninovič.
We are member of K9 club, which we train our dogs, and also train for Search and Rescue with our male HULK.
We provide our dogs wiht best nutritious food, so that is why all our dogs are on Raw meet diet from ''Pasja mesnica'' .


Ranko ButinaFounder of the kennel

A big fan of the breed he met many years ago. Active in the show world, he takes care of mating planning and breed quality.

Ranko ButinaFounder of the kennel

Nina LuzarHeart and soul of the kennel

Rescue dog guide, active in dog training, both for shows and search and rescue. Second mother to puppies. Also takes care of marketing and online Double Trouble Shop.

Nina LuzarHeart and soul of the kennel

Pia ButinaNew hope

Daughter Pia is actively involved in the operation of the kennel. She often takes care of adult dogs and puppies when we have them. Her desire is to become a veterinarian.

Pia ButinaNew hope