Our view on breeding

Deciding whether to have Stafford or not is the easiest decision in the world. However, potential Stafford owners are faced with deciding which breeder to take the puppy from.

So we decided in our kennel to briefly present our view of breeding. We are not just breeders, we are here for them with all our heart, energy and time.

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How do we take care of the little puppies in our kennel?

What is our view on breeding? Where does it begin and where does it end?

For every our litter we give them the best care and so much love.  A special place in the house, specially adapted for puppies and mommy, ensures that the puppies are always at the right temperature, in an extremely clean environment and in constant contact with us. When puppies come into the world, television and telephones do not exist for us … something most wonderful is spending time with them and with mommy.

We always provide the best nutrition for both mom and puppies. We try to plan litter in warm months (spring, summer time), so they can spend a large part of the day outside, on our large fenced meadow, where they acquire all the relevant knowledge and explore firsthand through social exploration. Puppies are also mentally employed and trained, with a variety of toys and obstacles. Also, with a great deal of grass contact, they are already learning cleanliness, which is always an advantage for new owners.

With all the puppies, we create a special bond and love. That is why it is extremely important to us what kind of owners our puppies go to. That is why every year we talk to all potential owners in detail, get to know each other personally. We want them to visit us and see for themselfs, how we take care of all four-legged friends in our kennel. Personal contact is also the only contact that can create a realistic picture of whether someone is a suitable owner for a small stafford.

It is also an opportunity to get all the information on where the puppy will be staying, whether he will be schooled, whether the puppy will be for a pet only or there will be higher level wishes, that is for exhibitions and breeding. Also, with such visits, potential owners can also ask get more informations. We are happy to answer any questions and later assist them in preparing for the arrival of a new member.

During their development with us, of course, we also provide all the necessary veterinary checks, vaccinations and visit from CAS (Cynological Association of Slovenia). We also prepare rich puppy packages for our new owners in our kennel, which we also supplement every year and further enrich. They always include a package of dried food they received with us, a toy, a personalized blanket with their names and many other goodies and gifts

And then the departure time comes. Puppies are going to new homes at 9 weeks of age. The departures are gradual and by no means simultaneous, as we do not want to exert additional stress on both the young staff and the mummy. The departure of puppies also means a moment of sadness for us, as we get very attached to the puppies … which is connected by a moment of happiness – happiness for new owners who are richer for a new life friend. Each owner receives a contract, a passport and, of course, a pedigree, which is received from CAS later, and which we personally deliver as well.

Breeding is a way of life for us. Much emphasis is placed on puppy health, socialization and cleanliness, later counseling. We are here for puppies and their welfare. That they are happy , full of human love and warmth. And that is most important to us.

If you are also thinking of American Staffordshire Terrier for your home, show or training, or have a question about an upcoming litter, give us a call or send us an email. We are also available on Facebook and Instagram.


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