Puppies at Seven Weeks: Exploration, Socialization and Expectation

Litter ''M''


It’s been seven weeks since they first opened their eyes and our lively puppies are ready for a new chapter in their lives. This period was full of exploration, learning and unforgettable moments we shared together.


Our group of young amstaffs was already impatiently waiting for each new day, because during this time they were literally overwhelmed by new experiences. From that first uncertain step to the joy of discovering the hidden corners of our home – every moment was precious. Now they are full of confidence, testing their limits and looking for adventures at every turn.


Socialization was key during this period. Our puppies had the opportunity to meet other dogs and people and learn basic interaction skills. We are happy to report that they did excellently and quickly established contacts with their environment. Our adult dogs also helped in this process, accepting them as part of the herd and showing them how to integrate into everyday life.

In addition to familiar visitors, we were also pleasantly surprised by new furry friends, whom our puppies welcomed with special joy. These happy encounters strengthened their confidence and curiosity about the world around them.


Although going to their new homes in a few weeks may be a bittersweet moment, we are happy that all the puppies are already reserved for their future families. Each puppy’s personality attracted the right people to care for them and provide them with a loving home.


It’s been a wonderful seven weeks full of laughter, play and learning. Although they will soon part ways, the memories of this time will remain in our hearts. Each puppy is its own story, but the common thread is the love we shared between us. We will be proud to follow their progress in their new homes and look forward to their future success and the happy times they will bring to their new families.

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