11.5.2024 LITTER ”N” On 11.5.2024 we welcomed a new litter of our Aska in our kennel. We mated with a […]

15.3.2024 LITTER”P” On March 15, 2024, we welcomed the very first litter of our Jackpot Double Trouble Ast into the […]

20.6.2023 LITTER ”M’ On June 20, 2023, we were delighted with the litter of our new mother Cookie Double Trouble […]

7.1.2023 LITTER ”G” We are very proud to present LITTER “G” With our champion female ASKA LONG STEP and top […]

6.3.2022 LITTER ”J” On the 6. of March, we welcomed a new litter from the combination of Aska Long Step […]

27.8.2022 LITTER ”F” On August 27, 2022, we happily and proudly welcomed a new litter of our female VODKA IZ […]

16.6.2021 LITTER ”E” On June 16, 2021, our kennel was surprised by our Vodka. She gave birth to 11 healthy […]

16.5.2020 LITTER ”C” On May 16, 2020, we proudly welcomed our new amstaff litter into the world. The puppies decided […]

24.5.2019 LITTER ”D’ May 24, 2019 was a special day in our kennel – the long-awaited litter was born after […]

5.6.2018 LITTER ”B” In our kennel, we had a litter of small amstaffs in 2018, on June 5, 2018. There […]

2.3.2017 LITTER ”A” In our Double Trouble AST kennel, we had our first litter on 03/02/2017. There were 2 males […]