We have become a brand – Double Trouble collars and leashes

Double Trouble is not just a kennel, we are not just breeders, we have also become the official Double Trouble brand. We have launched our own collars and leashes on the market, which we are extremely proud of. The main reason why we decided on this move is that there is not enough appropriate equipment on the market to meet the needs of stronger breeds such as the American Stafford, Pitbull, German Shepherd and others.


Classic plastic click collars are simply not enough … we are tired of bad materials … we wanted to create strong and reliable products that are not only solid and trustworthy, but also look beautiful and can be personalized on your own.


And our offer is not just collars and leashes. We have also developed our own brand of Softshell dog clothing for rainy and wet days so that our four-legged friends will always be dry and not be held back by bad weather. And we haven’t stopped yet. We are preparing new Double Trouble products, developing and improving day by day.

Our goal is to offer products for those breeds that demand more and have greater needs, and still look damm good


We use only the highest quality and strongest materials in our production. We also place great emphasis on the quality of workmanship, so this is done by trained seamstress and tailor.


Collars and leashes are custom made, you can design them yourself and add your own stamp by adding your dog’s name or some other word.


Our products are for everyday use, for all seasons. Some collars are additionally lined with Softshell lining, which gives the dog extra comfort.


We originally developed collars and leashes for stronger medium and larger breeds. Which is not to say that they are not suitable for smaller limbs and puppies.

In early December 2021, we started with CLASSIC collars, which are made entirely of polypropylene tape, in all possible colors. All materials on the collar are strong and high quality and ensure safety. Classic collars have a classic fastening through holes and an additional rink for stability. This collar will never come off the dog as it is strong and stays firmly on the dog’s neck.

For classics

Double-breasted collar, made of 4-layer tape that will always stay on your dog's neck.

The upgrade of the Classic collar is CLASSIC PRO, which is additionally lined on the inside with waterproof Softshell fabric. It offers additional softness and comfort, softshell is also a water-repellent material, which ensures dryness throughout the year. However, in order to make the collars not only one-color, we also played with the softshell material, thus making the collars multi-colored and unique.

However, because the needs and wishes of customers are so different, we also launched PREMIUM collars, which are made entirely of Softshell fabric. A strap is also integrated inside the collar, which ensures the stability and strength of the collar. Because the softshell is water-repellent, the collar dries extremely quickly and is also suitable for summer.

For special

Collar made entirely of Softshell fabric, which provides softness and comfort and dries quickly.

The next collar we have introduced to the market is SLIP ON. It is suitable for all breeds, large and small. The collar is additionally lined on the inside with Eva foam, which offers the dog softness and comfort. The collar is especially suitable for those dogs who pull often. The collar has 3 layers: polypropylene tape, foam and Softshell, which is waterproof, soft and warm. It is made with two stainless steel D loops. When your dog pulls, he pulls the tension on one loop, which tightens the other loop on his neck. The collar could also be called a semi-tension collar. The collar also has two reflective strips that ensure safer and more visible night walks.

For those who pull

Collar made of three layers - tape, foam and Softshell, which is not only comfortable and safe, but also effective.

In April 2022, our greatest wish came true, namely we concluded a cooperation with two major providers of tactical equipment –  the Austrian Alpin, which produces “quick release” Cobra clicks, and the Italian company KONG, which manufactures tactical ‘quick release’ ‘Kong Frog carbine. Thus, we also covered the sports / work segment of the offer. K9 collars and leashes are intended for use in working and sports dog disciplines (rescue, IPO, …), which does not mean that they cannot be used by dog owners in everyday use. Because the collars are light, but above all high-quality and safe, they are also intended for everyday use.

For work and sports


The K9 collars are adorned with the original Austrian Cobra Click, which is the most durable click on the market. The collars are intended for everyday use as well as for working, rescue dogs.

Each collar also needs a matching leash. Carbines on a leash are extremely strong and of higher quality. CLASSIC PRO leashes are fitted with a classic silver carbine, suitable for stronger dogs. On the K9 leashes, we included the innovative quick release carbine KONG FROG, originally from Italy. The K9 single leash has a frog carabiner, while the double adjustable leash has a classic black carabiner for leash length adjustments in addition to the frog.


However, because we always strive for uniqueness, you can design each collar or leash in your own way. You can add embroidery to it, which makes the collar special and unique. Be it a dog name or some other word that illustrates you or your dog, a brand, or just wants to point out anything (e.g., Don’t pet).

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