Hulk step closer to become a rescue dog


ŠKD Krim, april 2021

In April 2021, HULK (Odysey Taurunum Angel’s) and rescue dog guide Nina attended a pre-examination for rescuing missing persons (RHFL / V). The organization took place under the auspices of ERPS (Rescue Dog Unit of Slovenia) organized by ŠKD Krim.

Hulk successfully passed the exam, and now she and Nina are waiting for additional training and preparations for the next level.

Hulk and Nina trained hard at the ClubK-9 Novo mesto, where they have been training rescue dogs for 15 years.

Both the training and the exam take place in three parts, namely obedience, obstacles and search. And they were more than excellent in all three disciplines. A good team, a wonderful sunny day and successful results are some of the most beautiful.

Congratulations to all co-members of the K-9 Novo mesto  and all others who took the exams. I hope that we will be as successful again in the next test as in this one.

The team of  K-9 Novo mesto , which took part in the pre-exam. Congratulations to all.