A time of giving to those who need it most

Christmas and New Year’s time is a time of giving. The time we spend together with our families. And it’s also a time when animal shelters become even more crowded, mainly because of escaped animals from the fireworks.

At Double Trouble, we have always been supporters of various animal protection societies and non-profit organizations that rescue animals from the streets and bad environments and give them a better life.

That’s why we at Double Trouble decided this year to give those dogsd, who have been looking for a home in the Ljubljana Shelter for a long time. Some of them need suitable owners and are not for everyone, with others I wonder why they are in the shelter for so long, because they are very friendly and mischievous and could make many people’s lives better.

We gave each such dog a unique Double Trouble collar from our shop. I hope that the collar brings a little happiness to everyone and that it soon goes to its rightful owner in a forever home.

Introducing the dogs from the Ljubljana shelter with our Double Trouble collars:


Kuki is a PITBULL mix, playful and lively, very well trained with treats. He is a bit reserved with new people and is not suitable for families with small children. With our CLASSIC COLLAR in green, he is really beautiful.

For more information about Kuki and the possibility of adoption, click HERE.


Pablo is a representative of the cane corso breed, a bit reserved towards strangers, but superbly trained and obedient. It is suitable for people who are familiar with this breed. We chose a PREMIUM CAMOUFLAGE COLLAR for Pablo.

For more information about Pablo and the possibility of adoption, click HERE. 


George is a reserved and timid puppy who gets along with bitches and would rather chase cats if given the chance. He will need a home with a lot of patience and a person who will help him overcome his fear and start enjoying life. We chose the CLASSIC PRO COLLAR for Georg, which will serve him for a long time.

For more information about George and the possibility of adoption, click HERE.


Hrast is a Belgian shepherd who came to the shelter in a very bad condition. He loves cuddles and balls. He is afraid of other dogs, as long as they are intrusive, whether they are small or large. The company of unobtrusive dogs does not cause him any problems. We chose a black SLIP ON COLLAR for Hrast, which suits him in every way.

For more information about Hrast and the possibility of adoption, click HERE.


We present the other wards of the LJUBJANA SHELTER, who are looking for their home and who received their very own Double Trouble collar.

For all information about the possibility of adoption, please contact www.zavetisce-ljubljana.si.