What’s on the menu today?

Staffords in our kennel are already 5 weeks old and their diets are already very diverse. In addition to dry dog food for puppies that are mixed with water, we also add goat yogurt or oatmeal, their treat of the day is definitely raw meat from Pasja mesnica.

In the transition to raw meet, we also consulted with the supplier and jointly prepared a menu for small amstaff puppies. So we decided on raw meat from mutton, beef and green vamp, which are a natural probiotic.

The raw meat is also mixed with goat curd or goat yoghurt, sometimes oatmeal, egg or raw vegetables. Mix all together and divide into 9 equal meatballs.

Dog puppies adore meatballs, and we also know exactly how much anyone has eaten since each one gets one meatball.

This type of diet provides puppies with the many vitamins and minerals they need to grow. Their poop is tight, their coat is shiny and it doesn’t stink from their mouth. So we think this is definitely the right way to feed not only puppies but also adult dogs. Along with the selected dry food, which of course must be separated from the raw meat meal, we get a happy puppy 🙂

Also, Mommy Ex and Hulk adore Pasjo mesnico.

Thanks to Pasja mesnica for a great selection of raw meat and for all the tips … together we have provided our staffords with the full menu they need to grow. All new owners in our kennel will also receive exquisite and delicious gift packages from them.