We’re heading towards week 6

Getting to know the outside world, getting used to new food, the first socialization … all this is experiencing litter E now, as they go towards the 6th week of age. The puppies have already been dewormed twice during this time, they have almost completely switched to a solid food (briquettes and raw meat and additives), they are exploring their new surroundings a lot, and they are also being given the first restrictions by their mother Vodka.

We have already done all the visits of potential owners and also selected the appropriate ones, so we are already looking forward to new friendships. The puppies have already met their new owners, and soon the time will come when they will leave for their new homes.

Until then, they will experience a lot of beautiful and new things with us.

5 weeks – getting to know the other interiors of the house, new textures, sounds, …


Eight Mile

5 weeks – the yard of our kennel is big, but for them it looks like it doesn’t end at all.

5.5 weeks – due to the nice and not too hot weather, we spend most of the day outside, where we are already learning cleanliness, and Vodka also raises and caresses them a lot.

Eight Mile



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