The puppies are going towards the 8th week

Two months have passed so fast that the puppies are now almost 8 weeks old and will soon be leaving for new owners.

During this time we played with them a lot, socialized, met other dogs, introduced new things, learned new things, cuddled a lot, … and generally had a lot of fun. Soon, however, new owners will face new challenges.

5 weeks old


7 weeks old

Almost 8 weeks old

If you are also thinking about American Stafford at home, for breeding or show character or have a question about the upcoming litter, give us a call or send us an E-mail.

The procedure for inclusion in the list of potential owners is to send us your contact information (phone number, place of residence), whether you want a male or a female, and briefly why you decided on the American Staffordshire Terrier breed and what your purpose is ( pet, further breeding, exhibitions, ..)

We will write down your contact and inform you about all the news about the upcoming litter.

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