Pregnancy confirmed – litter expected in late May 2019


At the Double Trouble Ast kennel, we have good news – the pregnancy of our future mother Exe (Vasianum Extreme Beauty) has been confirmed.

This year’s mating combination emphasizes the good and calm character of both the bitch and the dog named Ex. Yes, you heard right – EXA & EX.

The male Ex (Anaissa Excallibur Spirit) convinced us with the right constitution, and he has also passed all the tests, his DNA profile and is Atexiais clear. He is a very friendly and gentle male, of excellent health and in excellent condition. As a curiosity, however, we can reveal that his biggest hobby is riding a scooter along with his owner.

At the end of April, we had an ultrasound and already heard strong hearts beating. This is the third litter of our Exe and we can’t wait to see what this new combination will bring us.

75 / 5000 Rezultati prevajanja We are expecting young Staffords at the end of May and we are already looking forward to this event.