PlayDog – the craziest dog toys on the market

The eternal problem of amstaff owners and owners of other breeds who have strong bites is that dog toys do not last long. The offer of such toys has expanded so much in recent years that owners are often in a dilemma of what to actually choose.

Every dog needs toys that are crucial to upbringing and socialization. Playing with a properly selected toy employs the dog’s mind, jaw, and thoughts. This shifts the energy into something productive, reduces stress, boredom and loneliness, and establishes a strong connection between the handler and the dog. It also reduces the damage that sharp teeth can leave on furniture or shoes.

That a dog toy is NECESSARY for the healthy development of a dog, both physical and mental, is clear, but then another question arises:

Which toy to choose to make it interesting for my dog and to make it durable?

Today, the offer of dog toys on the market is very rich … from plush toys, balls, frisbees, pullers and congos. ” Great, this will definitely last a long time!” is the belief of every owner, when they pay a lot for such strong and durable toys. Then they get to know the toy with their dog, and it takes the dog a couple of minutes to destroy it!

Many dog toys promise eternity and endurance, but this is not the case. Of course, it is necessary to understand that breeds such as Stafford, PittBull, German Shepherd, Rottweiler,… have strong jaws and bites. However, there is still hope that the toy will last at least a day, maybe even a month. But this is not usually the case.

And when we almost gave up, the PlayDog brand came on the market.

PlayDog PULL

The first product on the market was PLAYDOG PULL . At first we were all skeptical. ” Well, another rubber dog toy that promises eternity and endurance! ”

Since it was interesting and attractive in shape, we ordered and tested one with our staffords. We were thrilled with the results. Not only is it made from extremely strong eco-rubber that is safe for dog teeth, dogs are also crazy about it. After daily testing trought a game, with training, and we also tied it to a tree, the toy is still intact after 4 months.

And we immediately included the toy in our online store.

We were impressed with the PlayDog Pull in every way. A toy that is friendly to dog teeth, very flexible, functional in shape, multifunctional and yet durable!

Then the developers at PlayDog surprised us with additional products that were developed specifically for strong breeds.

We present you new dog toys on the market, each serving its purpose. They differ from Pull only slightly in terms of usability or what it’s for, and the developers didn’t skimp on endurance. All PlayDog products are extremely durable, many claim that their toys are INDESTRUCTIBLE.

PlayDog RING

The Ring is a rubber dog toy in the shape of a circle, designed to be extremely stable in the hands of a guide. Due to its softness, dogs love it extremely, as it is extremely very and soft to the teeth. And that’s also the biggest difference from the PlayDog Pull. Due to its size, it is also convenient for walks.

PlayDog CHEW

CHEW is a rubber dog toy that is intended for chewing and for the game “bring”, as it is very interesting for dogs due to its jumpiness. However, if you hide delicious treats inside or smear the inside of the Chew with peanut butter, it will be even more interesting. Its durability, however, is by far the best of all current chew toys. PlayDog Chew is available in three sizes or structures:

PlayDog BALL

BALL is a rubber ball for all dog ball enthusiasts. Some still use tennis balls, despite the fact that a lot of negatives have been said on the subject. Tennis balls (although we can get them for free) break down very quickly into pieces that the dog swallows, which can also be deadly. They are made of felt, which is abrasive and wears out the dog’s teeth. So you better say goodbye to such balls and rather decide for a durable and safe PlayDog Ball.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, then see for yourself.

All PlayDog dog toys are available HERE.