Packages for new owners are ready!

The time is approaching when the little Staffords will leave us, bringing joy and new life to new homes, with new owners. And this year,  we have also prepared rich welcome packages for all new owners in our kennel.

Each new owner will take home the greatest treasure, the young amstaff. In order to make the first days of introduction to a new home and new life carefree, we have prepared welcome packages this year as well, which includes everything from food, treats, blankets, containers, toys and promotional products from our kennel.


  • Personalized blanket with the name of each puppy (handmade by Andreja Kunc);
  • Meradog package for puppies and briquettes;
  • Josera puppy pack;
  • Mr.Pet package for puppies
  • T-shirts of our kennel
  • other products for carefree enjoyment in small lumps.