Only the best Nutrition for our dogs

Many times in our kennel we are faced with questions, what kind of food do our dogs eat? What do we advise for their stafford? What suits Staffords best?

These questions are very difficult to answer with certainty. Every dog is different, everyone has different needs, metabolism, lives in a different environment, is exposed to different influences.

Throughout the year, we also tested 100 and 1 brand of briquettes in all our dogs. Find one that matched some, others others. However, it was very difficult to choose something that would suit all of our dogs.

Since the transition to raw food, we have stopped asking these questions.

We chose PASJO MESNICO, which offers the perfect raw meal for all our dogs. They have the largest selection of raw meat, dried treats and dog supplements.

And we also get to know our puppies from the very beginning with raw dog food. Since these are perfect meals of pre-prepared meat sausages, in which there is a correct and balanced ratio of meat, bones, organs, and in the barf version also fruits and vegetables, it is extremely easy to feed the puppies. You thaw and serve. And it takes exactly 10 seconds for the bowl to be licked.