Saying goodby from little puppies

In August 2018, we sent all puppies from litter B to new homes.

The farewell was a bit painful, yet happy, as the new owners are really the best. The decisions about the owners were definitely the right ones, as they are all very pleasant and friendly, they will offer the best home for puppies. We stay in touch with just about everyone and are already looking forward to their growing up in new homes.

Welcome to the Double Trouble AST family

BUBBLE Double Trouble AST

went to Gorenjska to a pleasant couple, to a loving home.

BLACK IVY Double Trouble AST

will become a real athlete as both owners are very active and do not rest.

BOBBY BROWN Double Trouble AST

traveled to Belgium.

BELLA JOY Double Trouble AST

chose a pair that is very special and we only have one word for them: ” Unique ” 🙂

BADASS Double Trouble AST

he went to Austria to his new family, who already have a Stafford woman and are already inseparable. They are actively working with him.

BABY DOLL Double Trouble AST

will surely entertain and make the young family happy every day.

BROWN FOXY Double Trouble AST

went to a very special girl from Slovenian cost, so she will not miss the fresh sea air.

And we said goodbye to them too … with a heavy heart, but full of expectations of how nice they will be with the new owners.