Meeting Double Trouble AST Owners

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, we met with the Double Trouble owners at the Ljubljana Zoo. We were accompanied by beautiful sun and a beautiful day, which was even more beautiful in the good company of the owners of our puppies.
We went to the meeting with mom Exo, as well as with our newest member of our kennel – Hulk.
Hulk greeted all the puppies very nicely and invited them to play. While Exa took on a strict role. All the while, she put her puppies in order if they wanted to put her on edge. But if any of them obeyed at the beginning, she lovingly licked and stroked him. But only for a short time – we think she is a member of a hard upbringing :).

All the amstaffs are already that big, already 8 months old. During the walk around the zoo, we talked to just about every owner, learned something about the daily life of each individual puppy, and answered a few questions. At the end of a pleasant walk and getting to know the inhabitants of the zoo, we exchanged some interesting stories with drinks and good company, which the owners described for their ASTs.

Owner Abby Love jokingly described to us how the first walk went with little Abby on a leash. For the first time, she went for a walk with two small children and a pram, very confident. Since Abby was still very young, walking on a leash presented her with some problems. It all looked very tiring, he says. But they quickly got used to each other and learned to walk nicely by the wheelchair.

Even with Ava Bella, it wasn’t the easiest thing to do in the beginning, says owner Rado. He quickly realized that the tired Bella is much more diligent, so he recently started to include her in his activities, which he loves very much – hiking and mountaineering. Bravo Bella, a real athlete.

Amy Rose (Rea) is also very lively, and with daily long walks she becomes a real Englishman. The owner says that with some schooling she has become a real lady, but she is almost never alone. She is often noticed by a family member, Hana, with whom they enjoy taking selfies.

Amber Rose is still a real prankster. The owners told us what the beginnings were like when she bit every thing she could. From toilet paper, to the box, even to the wood she has already gotten used to. Today, Amber is the most diligent bitch in the dog school, which they attend regularly and say that the school has significantly improved the connection between Amber and them, taught them a lot of tolerance and that learning through prizes and games can be fun.

Arlot Black (Ari) is already a real guy. He is a little bigger and stronger than his sisters, which he also showed several times at the meeting. It’s very playful and fun, says the owner. He is very attached to other members of the family, to his two daughters, who love to play with him. He says as soon as the girls leave home, he cries and whines with grief as if they are going away forever. This is Love.

The AC / DC Girl family is very proud of their puppy. Together with her, they visited their first show, where she excelled, and they want to continue at this pace. They say that she is extremely smart, which she showed on the first day of coming home, when on the very first walk she flew towards home and waited for them in front of the front door. How she remembered the way home is still unknown today. But apparently AC / DC knew exactly that this was a family that would give her a lot of love and time. This is her home.

Unfortunately, owners Alessie and Ashton Starr were unable to attend the owners ’meeting. But we heard from them and also met, so we are in touch.

Ashton is already bigger than his mother Exe, becoming a true male representative of this breed. He is very stubborn and a little lazy, and would eat a whole ox if he could. His family pampers him daily, especially the father of the owner, who fell in love with Ashton on his first visit to the litter. And this love will last a long time.

Alessia (Lexi) is the real queen of Gorenjska, the real owner. They spend a lot of time together, and they also learn Spanish commands, which go great for her.

Check out some snapshots from the first Double Trouble AST owners meeting. Let’s repeat in a year, if not sooner.

Exa in Hulk pripravljena za prvo srečanje.[/caption]

Group picture – Ljubljana Zoo, the first meeting of the Double Trouble AST owners
Amy Rose (Rea)
Amber AND Arlot in the game
Amber Rose
Abby Love
Arlot Black (ARI)
AC/DC Girl