Litter E 2021- Pregnancy confirmed

We are announcing the good news, but the pregnancy of our VODKA IZ IMPERII ANGELOV has been confirmed.

The Stafford litter is expected in mid-June.

Mating outcome:


Zanimivo branje

Spodaj si lahko preberete tudi vse o Vodki. Pripravili smo tudi kratek prispevek o našem pogledu na vzrejo. Dobili boste občutek, kako skrbimo za naše pse ter za vsako naše leglo. Oglejte pa si tudi naša pretekla legla.

Vodka Iz Imperii Angelov

Vodka Iz Imperii AngelovZdravstveni testi

HD-A, ED-0, Ataxia Clear, DNK, Popolno zobovje, škarjast ugriz

Vodka Iz Imperii AngelovZdravstveni testi

Vodka Iz Imperii AngelovVzreja

Njeno prvo leglo je bilo zelo številno. Kar 10 mladičkov, od tega 7 samcev in 3 samice. Izkazala se je kot izredno skrbna mamica.

Vodka Iz Imperii AngelovVzreja

Vodka Iz Imperii AngelovZnačaj

Je zelo igriva in aktivna psica, z močnim terierskim karakterjem, kar je tudi značilnost te pasme. Zelo rada prespi marsikatero jutro in še dolgo poležava,

Vodka Iz Imperii AngelovZnačaj

If you are also thinking about American Staff at home, for breeding or show character or have a question about the upcoming litter, give us a call or send us an E-mail.

The procedure for inclusion in the list of potential owners is to send us your contact information (phone number, place of residence), whether you want a male or a female, and briefly why you decided on the American Staffordshire Terrier breed and what your purpose is ( pet, further breeding, exhibitions, work, trainings, ..)

We will write down your contact and inform you about all the news about the upcoming litter. As the ‘D’ day approaches, we will talk to everyone and arrange a personal meeting with the chosen ones. In this way, you will be able to personally ask all the necessary questions, get to know our dogs, and we will also assess whether you are a suitable new Double Trouble owner.

Phone Num.:

+386 51 275 707



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