Litter C – day 25

Puppies from litter C are now 25 days old. They are making great progress, both in terms of weight and movement, they can now hear and see perfectly, the pigmentation of the mussle is almost perfect. They already get their first meals (dog milk, egg yolk, raw meat, goat cheese), and gradually the meals will also increase.

We are doing the first socialization with them (different sounds, materials, people), and this weekend they will visit the outside world (grass, new sounds, new toys, obstacles, other animals, …) Can.t wait 🙂

All puppies from the litter are reserved. For some, we are still in the selection of owners, as the list was so full that we can really choose the most suitable ones. We are making the first visits, and then soon the second round of visits.

LITTER C – 25.days old

CAMI LI Double Trouble Ast
CASH Double Trouble Ast
CASINO JACK Double Trouble Ast
CHARLIE’S ANGEL Double Trouble Ast
CHEVY CAMARO Double Trouble Ast
COCKTA Double Trouble Ast
COLT 45 Double Trouble Ast
COOL AS ICE Double Trouble Ast
COSTA NIKKA Double Trouble Ast
CRASH MY PARTY Double Trouble Ast