Let’s go home…

At the end of July, we slowly started saying goodbye to our puppies. Saying goodbye every year is hard. However, because when choosing new owners, we really try to get as much information as possible and then decide if they are suitable or not, …that’s why this farewells are a little easier.

Their departures to their new homes were gradual, and the first to leave was COSTA NIKKA, on the Slovenian coast to a wonderful couple.

The next one was COLT 45, who went to a young family, full of energy and good will.

Than it was time to say goodby to CRASH MY PARTY, which will be trained for a therapeutic stafford. Keeping fingers crossed 🙂

A week later, the male CHARLIE’S ANGEL left. A beautiful place in Štajerska, with a fenced garden and caring young family … Charlie will enjoy.

There was also the departure of a friendly male CHEVY CAMARO, who made a name for himself in the heart of a young couple from Ljubljana.

COCKTA went to a brand new house in Gorenjska, with a large fenced garden.

The male CASINO JACK remains in Dolenjska, where he is already learning new tricks and is currently enjoying the sea.

And the last one in the first part of the departures was COOL AS ICE. The family, who had just moved into a new house, was soooo looking forward to it.

We also said goodby to beautiful CAMI LI (copy paste her father, My Crazy Dream Challe Salle).

There is one more puppy in our kennel (CASH) , but he is soon going abroad.

We will soon be meeting all the puppies again, as we are already planning personal deliveries of pedigrees in their new homes. We can’t wait!

Each puppy is accompanied to its new home by a package that includes:

ROYAL CANNIN SLOVENIA – food, dishe, measuring cup

MR.PET – food, treats

PASJA MESNICA – package of dry treats

MACROCANARIO – quality bull treats, dog shampoo

Andreja Kunc – personalized blankets with their pedigree names

Eden Pet Food – food, treats

Dog toy and more.