Last puppy off to England

In mid-September, we said goodbye to the last puppy from our litter C 2020.

CASH Double Trouble Ast.

Cash, which was sold to England to a wonderful family, had to wait in our kennel for a rabies vaccination, and after 21 days, he could travel to his family.

However, because we wanted to find a trusted carrier, Cash had to stay with us until September 21, when his departure date was.

During this time, we were 100% dedicated to Cash. He spent a holiday with us in Dalmatia together with Hulk, where he swam, enjoyed the beach and explored the Makarska Riviera.

We also attended dog school for socialization , learning basic commands, recall, and obedience, all in English language, of course.

During our time, Cash also spent a lot of time with other dogs, both in the dog school and at trainings with the rescuer Hulk, as well as with other members of his family and members of our kennel.

With Cash, we did all the necessary vaccinations and veterinary checkups, and soon the date of his departure came. Farewell was the hardest so far, as we spent every day with him … despite not allowing any of our dogs on the couch, Cash had very special privileges, and that’s why our farewell was even harder. But because we knew that Cash was going to a wonderful English young family, with whom we were in regular contact, talking and exchanging all sorts of information, it was a little easier for us.

The last joint picture with Cash before we handed him over to the English carrier.

It took Cash a little over 1 day for his trip to England. We were in constant contact with the carrier to keep us informed of his location, to send us pictures when he took a break, which was really many times, and so we are immensely grateful to him.

Wonderful memories of Cash will always remain in our memory. Now, he is writing a new story with his new family.

Good luck CASH

Last trip with Cash