Trail leash 10m – black


  • Length 10m
  • material: nylon
  • compulsory recall training aid

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Product Information

Trail leash is black – length 10m

The trail leash is a necessary equipment for all new dog owners, be it a puppy or an adult dog in the process of schooling.
Maybe we’ve ever been in an impossible situation where a dog runs away from us, doesn’t let us get caught in any way, and doesn’t respond to our calls? Since it is almost impossible to catch a dog if he does not want to, the following leash is crucial in learning and schooling and assures us that this situation does not occur!

The following leash is used for:

  • Learning to recall: Recall is one of the most important commands that every dog ​​must master, as it is about his safety and the safety of the environment.
  • Restriction of movement: If we are not sure enough about the recall of our dog and we are in an unfamiliar environment, we can provide the dog with a slightly freer movement with a trailing leash, which we always have within reach.
  • When training: If we train any of the dog sports or obedience with the dog, we can use a long leash on the training ground so that the dog still has freedom of movement, but we can still control it in the event of an unforeseen event.
  • When training a jet dog: Because despite the good recall of our dog, we can never 100% control the circumstances, the use of a follow leash in jet dogs is recommended.


Although the long leash seems awkward to use and we prefer to resort to flexi , the trail leash is an invaluable tool in training a dog, as it allows us to teach the dog a reliable recall and free movement. For stronger breeds such as stafford, pittbull, doberman, … the latter leash is even more welcome.

In most cases, we do not hold the following leash in our hands, but attach it to the dog’s bib and let it slide freely on the floor behind it. The dog will soon get used to the accessory, but of course it can occasionally get stuck behind an obstacle.

Material: nylon

Length: 10m

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