SLIP ON collar – green, 40-50cm


  • Webbing color: Green
  • Softshell color: green
  • Semi-tightening collar
  • It contains 3 layers: tape, foam, softshell
  • 2 reflective strips for better visibility
  • For Neck circumference: 40-50cm
  • handmade in Slovenia

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Product Information

Double Trouble dog collar SLIP ON

The collar is additionally lined on the inside with thick foam, which gives the dog softness and comfort. The collar is especially suitable for those dogs who pull often. The collar has 3 layers: polypropylene webbing, foam and Softshell, which is waterproof, soft and warm.

It is made with two D loops made of stainless steel. When your dog pulls, he pulls the tension on one loop, which tightens the other loop on his neck. The collar could also be called a semi-tension collar. We named it “Slip on” because it is easy to put over the dog’s head on the neck, and is therefore suitable for everyday use.

The collar also has two reflective strips, which ensures safer and more visible night walks.

Note: We recommend that you choose the size of your dog’s head as this collar slides over your head. For a larger head, a larger size may be appropriate.

SLIP ON collar specification:

  • Webbing color: GREEN
  • Color Softshell: GREEN
  • three-layer collar: webbing, foam and Softshell
  • 2 reflective strips for better visibility
  • Handmade in Slovenia

Collar sizes:

  • The following collar width is available: 4cm 
  • For Neck circumference: 40-50cm

Additional information:

  • Only 1 available. The collar cannot be returned or exchanged.

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