Metal dog stand with bowls


  • includes two stainless steel bowls
  • adjustable up to a height of 50cm
  • color: black
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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Product Information

Dog stand with two bowls

The metal dog rack makes feeding easier, especially for large and older dogs. The double container holder can be infinitely adjusted to the desired height. In this way, your dog can comfortably eat and drink in a comfortable position behind him at the optimally set height, without having to lean down too much. With this dog stand, it saves your pet painful sprains when eating food and protects the joints of the front legs and its intervertebral discs. Due to the height adjustment, the double bowl stand is a great acquisition from the age of a puppy to an adult dog, because it can be adjusted to the size of your pet.

Stand specification:

  • Material: metal, powder coated
  • Color: black
  • adjustable up to a height of 50cm
  • includes two stainless steel containers
  • container size: diameter 20cm, capacity 1.7l (suitable for staffords)
  • Outwardly rotating plastic legs on uneven floors
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use

A raised food rack is highly recommended for all breeds, including Staffords, as caring for the spine and joints at a young age improves the chances of a healthy dog ​​even in old age. It is especially suitable for older dogs, who find it difficult to bend due to various movement problems.

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