Flexi leash with strap – 8m, black


  • strip length 8m
  • for dogs up to 50kg
  • color: black
  • solid, chrome-plated carabiner on nylon reflective tape
  • suitable for nature walks

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Product Information

Black leash FLEXI with tape – 8m

The Flexi Classic leash is everything you need for carefree and fun walks. It is sworn in by dog ​​owners around the world, as it can have a housing, an excellent braking system and a very long folding strap (8 m) that will allow the dog to run freely.

Leash specification:

  • Very long 8 meter strip in a compact and modern housing
  • Suitable for large dog breeds, up to 50 kg
  • Handle adapted to the shape of the hand.
  • Solid, chrome-plated carabiner on nylon, reflective tape
  • 44 years of Flexi brand tradition


Tip: Use the Flexi leash only in nature, never in an urban environment where dogs must be under control. Then use classic leashes. In nature, forest or grass, the Flexi leash is a great accessory for dogs that have not made a 100% recall.

Even if the leash is for dogs up to 50 kg, in case your dog is very strong and walks with him are all calm, Flexi leash is not recommended.

Flexi leash 8m is also suitable for walks in nature for staffords.


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