Eco bag holder BecoPocket


Eco bag holder BecoPocket

  • environmentally friendly
  • can be mounted on almost any leash, strap, belt or bag
  • Made of unique plant fiber plastic
  • sustainable and degradable
  • you also receive 1 roll of degradable BecoBags dog bags


Eco bag holder BecoPocket

BecoPocket is a revolutionary eco-friendly bag holder.

With a special fastening system, it can be installed on almost any leash, strap, belt or bag. You can even place it on a stroller or inside a car.

Because it is made from a unique plant-fiber plastic, the carrier is not only durable but also degradable when you no longer use it. So for the first time, your bag holder can be just as environmentally friendly as the bags in it.

The product is available in 4 colors.

You also get 1 roll of degradable BecoBags  with the holder.

Additional BecoBags bags can be ordered HERE



The most important material at BecoPets is a plastic substitute made from natural plant fibers. It is basically a biocomposite – meaning it is a mixture of biodegradable materials. About 80% of this material is made from bamboo fiber and rice husks. The latter are a by-product of rice production, which is usually discarded. Bamboo is a type of grass and grows extremely fast, which means that, unlike trees, bamboo can be grown and used permanently. Both materials are mixed with a plant resin made from amino acids. It is this resin that also binds all the fibers together. More importantly, it allows the mixture to break down.

If we place a plant fiber product such as BecoPocket in a warm, humid place (such as compost) or bury it in the ground, the plant resin begins to decompose. This also allows the fibers to break down and eventually the entire product is biodegraded. This process usually takes about 3 years, depending on the environmental conditions.

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Blue, Green, Natural, Pink

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