Eco Compostable degradable Poop Bags


  • Organic bags for dog poop
  • Degradable
  • Strong and do not tear
  • packing: 96 bags (8 rolls)

Product Information

BecoBags Eco Compostable degradable Poop Bags

The most organic version of dog Poop bags.

BecoBags composting bags are made from plant material and decompose completely within 90 days of use.

Packing: 96 bags (8 rolls)

The special feature of the bags is that they are strong and large, thus reducing the likelihood of unpleasant surprises while picking poop. The packaging and the center sleeve, which is surrounded by bags, are also environmentally friendly, as they are made of cardboard.

They are strong and do not tear during use and fit perfectly with the BecoPocket as well as other standard carriers.

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