Eco ball on a string BecoRope – blue


Dog toy BecoRope – blue

  • The ball is made of natural rubber from rice husks
  • 100% natural long cotton rope
  • suitable for the game of towing and bringing
  • Non-toxic, safe and degradable
  • very durable


Eco ball on a string BecoRope – blue

The ball on the BecoRope rope is ideal for the game of towing and fetching.

All-natural rubber husk from rice husks forms a compact ball, and 100% natural long cotton rope allows the ball to fly even longer.

Dogs love playing with BecoRope and are happy to bring it back and forth and love to drag and ‘cuff’ it.

Because the material is completely biodegradable and non-toxic, the toy will also put less strain on the environment after its use.

It is available in 2 sizes and 3 color versions. They all smell like vanilla.

  • S: Rope length 30cm, ball diameter 5cm
  • L: Rope length 50cm, ball diameter 7.5cm



Like all BecoPets products, their toys are natural and environmentally friendly, but there is much more to the design than just innovative materials. In 2012, BecoPets began production of the first 100% natural rubber toys based on rice husks. This material is revolutionary, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and completely safe for even the most enthusiastic dogs.

When making toys, nothing is added that would not be natural, which means that no matter how much your dog likes to chew, it cannot taste anything toxic. All BecoPets toys have a vanilla aroma and are available in three colors: blue, pink and green. Choose your favorite!

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L – rope length 50cm, ball 7.5cm, S – Rope length 30cm, ball 5cm

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