Dog Harness SPORT – design your own


SPORT Harness – personalized

  • different sizes and colors
  • Slovenian product
  • upholstered and lined with airy and soft material
  • soothes abrasion and prevents abrasions
  • possibility of embroidery on the harness
  • washable at 30C in a washing bag


Dog harness SPORT – personalized

Improper equipment can cause your pet discomfort or even pain, and this can lead to behavioral problems and injuries to the dog. Whether the walks will be pleasant and stress-free depends on the equipment you choose. The soft and padded harness for sport dog offers more freedom in moving and playing with your dog. It allows unobstructed movement of the shoulder area, while not causing rubbing behind the front legs, as the Loomp harness is longer than usual. It is adjustable around the abdominal area, so it offers a maximum fit of the harness. It is made in the shape of the letter Y, which means that it does NOT lie on the soft part of the neck (trachea), but on the chest.


For an adult stafford, an L-size harness is best, however please measure your dog’s neck circumference


  • M: 2,5 cm x 50 cm (suitable for breeds such as: border collie, Poodle, Airedale Terrier, Shar pei,…)
  • L: 2,5 cm x 54 cm (suitable for breeds such as: Siberian Husky, American Staffordshire Terrier, Labrador, Dalmatian, Vizila…)
  • XL: 3,0cm x 58 cm (suitable for breeds such as: golden retriever, German Shepherd, German boxer …)
  • 2XL: 3,0 cm x 62 cm (suitable for breeds such as: Alaskan Malamute, Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog…)

More information:

  • The SPORT Harness can be used for running, walking, jogging, cycling, rollerblading, Nordic walking, recreational canicross, doggin, etc.
  • The harness is padded and lined with airy and soft material
  • The Loomp Sport harness bib alleviates abrasion and prevents abrasions
  • Welded strong metal rings
  • The dog harness is suitable for short-haired, long-haired and naked, large and small dogs
  • In summer they have a cooling effect (they need to be soaked in cold unsalted water)
  • They are optionally adjustable on the back
  • The padded and soft dog harness relieves the strain on the chest
  • Different sizes and colors
  • The harness is washable at 30 ° C
  • The harness match the Leomp leashes and collars
  • In case of additional embroidery on the collar, the delivery time is extended by an additional 5 days.
  • After receiving the payment, we will put your harness into production.


It is also possible to embroider on the harness  the name of your dog.  You can also add a phone number OR an additional word. Embroidery is available in different colors and in three different fonts.

The width of the embroidery is limited to 10 cm or. up to 16 letters. If you want a longer inscription or more letters, an additional embroidery is charged ( 7.60€).


If you would like additional embroidery on your collar, select “Embroidery” when choosing a collar and complete the purchase.

To order a collar we need:

1. In the last step ”CART”, write down all the necessary information in the purchase notes.


2. Send us all the necessary information to the e-mail address (or click on CONTACT).

The surcharge for embroidery is + 7.60 € / piece, and the delivery time is extended by 5 days.

Additional information

Size of harness

2XL: 3 cm x 62cm, L: 2,5 cm x 54 cm, M : 2,5cm x 50cm, XL: 3 cm x 58 cm






Embroidery (+7,60€), Without Embroidery

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