BioThane® leash – silver


  • made of waterproof BioThane® material
  • leash width 2.5cm
  • two leash sizes available: Classic 120cm or HandsFree 200cm
  • antibacterial, easy to clean
  • suitable for all seasons
  • handmade in Slovenia

Product Information

Double Trouble BioThane® Dog Leash – Silver

This handmade Double Trouble BioThane Leashes are made of high-quality and certified BioThane® material, which has many advantages. Also known as vegan leather, this material combines an extremely strong inner strap with a polymer coating, offering a number of advantages over conventional leather.

  • Water resistance is one of the best features of BioThane®. No more smelly dog gear and no more long waits for gear to dry. This is especially useful on rainy days and hot summer swims. The polymer coating does not absorb water, so you can simply wipe it with a cloth to make it dry and ready for new activities. Since it does not absorb water, it also does not emit an unpleasant smell.
  • BioThane® is also gentle on both human and canine skin.
  • These products are almost indestructible. Nevertheless, it is not possible to guarantee that the dog will not try to bite the leash, so it is recommended to always keep the dog under control.
  • BioThane® products provide good adhesion, even when wet, due to the polymer coating. Whether in water or on land, they do not stretch or change their length or weight. The polymer coating is strong and soft at the same time, so it does not harm the dog’s skin and hair, even if the dog pulls.
  • BioThane® products are also antibacterial. The surface of BioThane® is smooth, which makes it easy to clean while preventing parasites from attaching to it.
  • Easy maintenance is another advantage of BioThane® material. The smooth surface allows for easy cleaning. Products from BioThane® can be used in all weather conditions and during various activities with the dog. You can simply rinse the dirty product under water and wipe it with a cloth.

Collar specification:

  • Webbing color : SILVER
  • Material: BioThane® BETA
  • classic carbine
  • Handmade in Slovenia

Leash sizes:

  • Leash width: 2.5cm (25mm)
  • Leash lengths:
    • CLASSIC 120cm with handle
    • HANDSFREE 200cm for hands-free walks, 4 ways of use

The classic leash length (120cm) includes a carabiner on one side and a handle on the other. While the Handsfree leash includes a carabiner on each side of the leash. The length of the HandsFree leash is 200 cm and is intended for walks without even holding the leash in the hand. You can use this leash in as many as 4 different ways: around the waist, around the body, adjustable and with a handle (the ways of wearing can be seen in the pictures in the attachment).

Additional information:

  • Collars are made to order. Payment of collars is to our bank account or Paypall/credit card. After receiving the payment, we will put your collar into production.
  • The delivery time of the collar is up to 15 days in Slovenia. For other countries, delivery is extended depending on delivery services, but it usually  takes us a two weeks to finish it.




Classic Leash: 120 x 2,5cm, HandsFree leash: 200 x 2,5cm

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