Bio herbal spray for dogs – against ticks and mosquitoes


  • 250 ml
  • handmade, Slovenian product
  • Prevent ticks from sucking
  • it also works against mosquitoes

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Product Information

Organic Herbal Spray Against Ticks – Prevents ticks from sucking on fur and repels mosquitoes

The tick repellent spray is made from natural herbal extracts that repel ticks and inhibit their development. The spray repels ticks and prevents them from sucking on the fur. It is completely free of chemical additives, which means that it is completely harmless to your puppy.

When you pet and nurture your puppy, you are in close contact with his fur. Consequently, also with the means you use to care for him. Make sure that neither you, your family, nor your dog are in contact with harmful chemicals that constantly accumulate in the room where the dog is located. Selected herbs in the spray repel ticks and other insects and prevent their development. It also has a beneficial effect on the coat. A proven combination of herbs provides strong and shiny hair, promotes their proper growth and restores the fur’s natural balance.

The coat is the largest organ of your puppy, through which substances pass into his body. Give him the best protection with a certified organic tick spray. The anti-tick spray for dogs has successfully passed efficiency tests and has been proven to protect against ticks – just make sure to spray it all over the coat and renew the application regularly, usually once a week is enough;)

Specification and ingredients of the spray:

  • 250 ml 
  • Ingredients: Water, eucalyptus citriodora oil *, glycerol, thyme *, satin cedar *, basil *, peppermint *, geranium * * organic ingredient

Use: Cay dog tick spray provides long-lasting and effective protection against ticks. Shake it before use, then spray on the coat from a distance of 15 to 20 cm, evenly and in a single application. Prior to application, the hair must be dry and clean. Apply the spray to the dog’s hair in the opposite direction of hair growth on all parts of the body and try to rub it into the hair as much as possible (you can massage it a little with your hands or with brushes). After applying the product, do not rinse and allow it to dry naturally or with a hair dryer. If signs of irritation appear on the skin, discontinue use. Repeat the application once a week or if washed from the fur by bathing, rain, or otherwise.

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