Bio herbal cream for dogs – paw care


  • 50ml
  • handicraft, Slovenian product
  • prevents inflammation of the pads
  • accelerates the healing of minor wounds and superficial injuries

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Product Information

Organic herbal paw care cream 50ml – prevents inflammation of the pads and accelerates the healing of minor wounds and superficial injuries

The paw cream is made by hand from bio raw materials that are specially selected to protect your dog’s paws from external factors. They prevent inflammation of the pads and accelerate the healing of minor wounds and superficial injuries. The cream protects the feet from salt and consequent drying out, making it an ideal choice for cold winter walks around the city.

Because it prevents drying out, you can also use it for summer care when the feet are exposed to high temperatures. It will prevent tissue cracking and the formation of ulcers and inflammation. It also works against fungi, which quickly settle on the feet during high summer temperatures.

You can use it to care for fingerprints and nostrils, where cracks start to appear in heated rooms in winter. Regular use of the ointment accelerates the regeneration of dog pads and softens them, making them less sensitive to rough material and more resistant to damage.

All Cvetka Slovenia products for dogs are made by hand and all have an organic certificate, which confirms the selection of top quality organic raw materials. Herbal extracts are fresh, from herbs grown on your organic estate. They do not contain any synthetic chemicals, preservatives or synthetic flavors. Due to the natural composition, it is not bad if the dog starts licking his paws after use, as the stomach will digest the ingredients normally.

Specification and ingredients of the ointment

  • 50 ml
  • Shea butter: has a calming effect, prevents and cures inflammatory diseases of the epidermis, various rashes and minor superficial wounds
  • Palm oil: is extremely rich in vitamins A, C and E, which are important guardians of our cells. It protects the skin from harmful external factors and moisturizes it
  • Olive oil: contains vitamins and minerals that promote cell renewal and participate in the rapid treatment of inflammation
  • Coconut oil: increases the flexibility of the pads, making them more resistant to damage. It prevents the reproduction of fungi and accelerates cell renewal and metabolism
  • Beeswax: has an antibacterial effect and increases the flexibility of the pads
  • Rosemary extract: accelerates the healing of wounds and rashes, accelerates blood circulation, which makes cells regenerate faster and inflammation and wounds heal faster
  • Sage extract: prevents and cures inflammation, has antibacterial and antifungal effects
  • Thyme extract: has an antibacterial effect, helps to heal superficial wounds of tissue damage
  • Marigold extract: cures inflammation, protects cells from damage and accelerates their recovery, helps heal wounds, abrasions, burns and skin ulcers
  • Chamomile extract: soothes inflamed and irritated skin, gently scents the ointment and has a protective effect on the pads

The cream has an organic certificate, which means that all ingredients are 100% natural and from organic production. All the oils and butters in their production are produced in sustainable, organic plantations, which means that they do not shrink the rainforest and otherwise their production does not harm the ecosystem. * Cocoa butter contains theobromine, which can be dangerous for puppies. They make a safety assessment of the product, which confirms the safety of the product – the dog would have to eat over a kilo of cream to get the first dangerous effects of theobromine on the liver.

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