AMSTAFF POOP – dog bag pouch, pink


  • Amstaff dog bag holder
  • color: pink
  • dimension: 8cm x 8 cm
  • 100% cotton
  • includes 1 roll of bags

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Product Information

AMSTAFF POOP – Amstaff dog bag holder in pink

The bag is a handmade fashion carrier for dog bags, which are mandatory on a dog walk today. Its size is suitable for all classic types of dog excrement bags, and 1 roll of Beco Bag organic bags is included.

Amstaff Poop is made of textile materials – 100% cotton, so it is soft and comfortable even for those who like to carry rolls in their pockets.
It is made for all Stafford owners, in several colors, so you can easily combine it with your favorite collar or leash.

It also has a carabiner next to it so you can attach it anywhere. (The color and shape of the carabiner is chosen at random)

  • Maintenance: Suitable for washing in a washing machine at 40 ° C, but not suitable for a  dryer. We can iron on the opposite side of the print, or use “baking paper” or another fabric that we put over. Do not iron over metal materials and the ironing board must not come into contact with the printed surface.
  • Dimension: 8cm x 8cm

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