On Sunday, December 1, 2019, our Vodka Iz Imperii Angelov celebrated its 2nd birthday. A cake, some game time, a walk and some quality time with her alone … that’s all she needed.

Vodka comes from Belarus from the kennel “Iz Imperii Angelov”. She got her name after one of the characteristics of Russia / Belarus 🙂

Vodka has a breeding license and is a very healthy dog. Despite receiving confirmation from the breeder that vodka is negative (clear) for Ataxia, we again tested it in Slovenia and received confirmation of the result – Ataxia Clear.

Vodka has also been tested for hip and elbow dysplasia, and has no evidence of this type of disease (HD-A, ED-O). She also has a DNA profile and attended a puppy school and a beginner’s course in dog school.

Vodka is by nature a very lively and energetic amstaff. But she has calmed down a lot over the last year, showing her calm side. These gentle eyes always tell us that all she needs is us, her family, a warm bed and attention.