Goodbyes and new beginnings

In mid-August, we said goodbye to our puppies from litter D. All staffs are already in their homes, happy and full of love.

The goodbies were “BitterSweet”, because despite the fact that three months had been very tiring and the puppies’ departure meant a well-deserved rest, every time we get very attached to them. That’s why we’re always so picky when it comes to potential and new owners.

And so we said goodbye to our Double Trouble Ast – D team.

We wish all owners a truly relaxed, joyful and playful life with their new members. Everyone is already or is about to start school, which is heartily advised in our kennel, so we are already getting some interesting tricks that little staffs are happy to perform. Yes, if you work with them a lot, you get three times more 🙂 We are proud and glad we made the right choice for the owners.

Fore more information and reservations for upcoming litter in 2020, quick click HERE as we are already accepting bookings and the list is filling up quickly.