On 16 December 2017, Hulk and Exo and I took part in exams under the auspices of the Kennel Club of Slovenia.

The organization was carried out by the Grosuplje Kennel Club in Spodnja Slovnica near Grosuplje. Novo mesto dog school K-9 joined the December exams, and we must say that everything went smoothly and very pleasantly.

Despite the cold weather and low temperatures, the exams were passed successfully, and special thanks also go to the judge (Miran Marš) for a fair trial and all the assistants in the background.

As a brand new member of our kennel, Hulk passed the A exam and Exa the BBH exam, and both of them passed the exams with distinction. Of course, this does not stop us, as we continue to train in the spring as we believe that this is a great way to connect between a puppy and a guide, and constant contact with the dog in the form of work, play and rewards is necessary for a well-behaved puppy.

Exa on the BBh exam – recall exercise.

Hulk on exam A