Even richer packages for new owners this year

In August is our kennel time when all the puppies leave us and go to their new homes. And because the Double Trouble Ast family is really connected, we really do our best for them as well as our puppies.

We’ve put together some new features this year compared to previous years, and we’ve also put a soul and heart into these products so puppies can have them for a lifetime.

We hope that their initial transition to a new life will be as easy as possible and without too much homesickness, and we are sure that they will quickly become accustomed to new families as they are full of love: )

Rich packages for new owners
(blanket, dry dog food, toy, collar, gift packages, ..)
Personalized collars with their call names.
For boys black, for girls red collars.
GALLUS pasja oprema
Personalized blankets with their pedigree names,
under the skilful hands of Andreje Kunc.
Delicious dog pack from PASJA MESNICA. A special thanks also go to the Pasja mesnica, as their raw meat meals made our puppies better every day..

Sincere thanks to all our partners for their cooperation: