After saying goodby to the puppies, we went on a well-deserved vacation… we put our brains on the “off” and put a stafford on guard. 🙂

Hulk and Exa took their vacation seriously.
Even though tags all over the beach indicated that dogs were banned there, we found our corner of paradise on the beach.

Both Hulk and Exa tested for the first time riding SUP .They both had a good ride, each in their own way.

Exa was acting a “lifeguard” and wanted to get every swimmer out of the water from SUP. Good thing there weren’t many at this end. While the Hulk was just petrified, he sat quietly and squeezed.

We’ll probably have to take these two on SUP a couple of times before they can conquer it and be relaxed on it. But we have to start somewhere.

Great location for our vacation, directly on the beach, with fenced plot and best shade

Daily swimming, walking and evening exploring the city got both of them exhausted, so they spent most of the hot days as a true vacationer.

Our youngest member of the kennel, however, found a special souvenir on the stands in the city that could be uniquely made for our Double Trouble Ast kennel.

Until next year … see you by the sea.

Double Trouble Ast