Bobby Brown came on vacation

At the end of January 2019, the not so small Bobby Brown Double Trouble Ast, from our last litter (litter B), came to our kennel.

And also stay… on vacation for 10 days.

Its owners have traveled abroad and say they trust only us. We also gladly accepted it. Bobby has been an extremely obedient puppy for his 8 months, apparently he has that after the Hulk, his father. He is very kind, obedient and calm after his mother. We took a lot of walks during the holidays, and we also visited the Helen Doron English Novo mesto center at their Paw Event.

Bobby spent quality time with his parents Hulk and Exo, and played a lot with Aunt Vodka.

He also visited children in Helen Doron Englisho, who had a special EVENT FOR PAWS. Throughout January, they collected food and paraphernalia for homeless animals and also took them to a local shelter. So it was just the right time for Bobby to visit the kids and cuddle with them.

What was interesting, however, was that Bobby also obeys English commands, as his owner comes from Belgium, so the children could also learn English dog commands.