Autumn in our Kennel

JAutumn has brought many warm days, which we happily take advantage of in our kennel. Despite the restrictions on movement due to the corona virus, we are very active in our kennel.

With the Hulk, we are still continuing with regular rescue training, of course within the municipality. Trainings consist of three disciplines:

– Search for Missing Persons



Due to restrictions, we were still unable to deliver the pedigrees in person, so we decided to wait and not send them by post. We really put a lot of emphasis on a personal approach to breeding, so we hope to see them soon.

However, everyone regularly sends us pictures and greetings:

And because autumn is beautiful precisely because of its vibrant colors of nature, we also took some autumn photos with our dogs

Vodka Iz Imperii Angelov
Odysey Taurunum Angel’s
My Crazy Dream Challe Salle

We are also actively training for the exhibitions that will take place, we don’t know when … we still have to be ready, so we train regularly with Boss.