3,4, now – litter n has said goodbye



The moment is slowly approaching when all the puppies from litter “N” will go to their new homes with their new families. To make their arrival as pleasant and carefree as possible, we have made sure that the new owners are as prepared as possible for the arrival of their new member. In collaboration with our partners, we have prepared rich PUPPY PACKAGES full of carefully selected products to make the first days of life together easier.

Our main partner is of course our own brand, Double Trouble. Our range of highly durable products (everything from dog toys, beds, nutritional supplements, collars and leads) can be found at doubletroubledog.com and is managed and stocked by our own Nina. Nina designs, sews and makes all the collars and leashes for the strongest breeds, like our Staffords. This year, Nina has made special unique collars just for the puppies. We have added an extra collar and leash, a toy and a few other little things.

Tauro Pro Line has provided a rich package for the puppy. This brand offers the best grooming products and dog food to give our puppies a healthy and balanced start.

Good4Dogs has provided a package of raw meat. Their offer includes complete meals for dogs – 100% natural, without additives or preservatives, made in Slovenia.

There are many benefits of raw dog food, which is why we feed it to our puppies and our adult dogs.


Andreja is one of the owners of a dog from our breeding, who every year makes us special blankets/blankets personalised with the name of each puppy that goes to its home. These blankets give a special, unique touch and warmth. Before the puppy goes home, we make sure that the blanket has a special smell of its siblings and, of course, of its mother. And owners often tell us that their puppy spent the first night on this very blanket.

Royal Canin Slovenia has arranged rich packages for the puppies. In addition to raw meat, our puppies also enjoyed Royal Canin briquettes.

Finally, we would like to thank all our partners for their support and cooperation. Without their help, our puppies would not have gone to their new homes so well equipped. In the gallery below you can see some pictures of our eight happy new arrivals, who are getting ready to go to their new homes with their beautiful PUPPY PACKAGES.

Thanks again to all partners and good luck to all the puppies and their new owners!