specially to the breed American Staffordshire Terrier (AST).

Double Trouble Ast is registered in the FCI register under number 1114.

About the American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) breed:
It is a very alert, friendly, intelligent breed. He is an excellent guardian and protective of his family. He is a very happy and confident dog who, when properly socialized and raised, is very gentle and loving to people, children and other animals. He is kind, funny, very loyal and willing to please his owner.

He has a strong attachment to the family and is a great family companion. He is also a brave, reliable and smart guard dog, full of life. It requires a great deal of physical activity and mental stimulation, and is more suited to owners with experience in education. He can easily stay in the apartment,  with appropriate outdoor activities.

 Why did we choose this breed:

Each of us has owned different breeds in our lives. It wasn’t until we met Stafford that we realized how friendly and family dog this breed was. We welcomed the first Stafford to our home 14 years ago. Even then we were thinking about breeding staffords, but the set of circumstances did not allow us to do so.

When we brought into or house our EXA, we have fulfilled our long-standing wish. Today, the Double Trouble AST family is getting bigger and bigger:

  • Female EXA (Vasianum Extreme Beauty), who is the best mommy in the world, a very loving and calm female stafford:
  • Male HULK (Odysey Taurunum Angel’s) – Junior CH.of Serbia and CH.of Montenegro, with whom we trainning Search and Rescue (SAR). He is extremely manageable, obedient and motivated dog, who enjoys working and trainning and is very sweet and friendly;
  •  Female VODKA (Vodka iz Imperii Angelov), who has an extremely happy, cheerful and playful character; 
  • Male BOSS (My Crazy Dream Challe Salle) – Junior CH of BIH, Junior CH of Montenegroo, who has excelled in dog Exhibitons with achievements such as BABY BIS on CACIB Belgrade, PUPPY Winner on  Amstaff Major Slovakia, Multi Puppy BIS, Multi Puppy BISS,  and many other titles. 


Together with them we step into the world of the best breeders, with four great players.

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We live by the principle:

”A home without a dog is just a house.”

Successful weekend with MY CRAZY DREAM CHALLE SALLE (Boss) as he became the new Junior Champion of Montenegro (MNE) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH).